Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Very delayed Update

I can't believe it is so long since I have posted . I have been a bit down about the whole dieting thing and still remain at just a stone off but this morning I decided to do my measurements and I have lost since the beginning an inch off my boobies, an inch and a half off my waist and a whopping 3 inches of my hips. Tbh if that doesn't give me motivation then nothing will , I really need to shift it off my hips and tummy area. My body fat as calculated my hip measurement has reduced from 37.7% to 33.2%

So onwards we go I have subscribed to another month of www.weightlossresources.co.uk after initailly paying for 3 months which runs out now. I really hoped I would have lost more than a stone in the last 3 months but that has been down to my own stupidy and certain times of the month like now when I crave CHOCOLATE!!!!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Butterball Day 48

No change this week. Still at 14st/196lbs. Apparently this is what dieters call a plateau, which I don't mind as it makes me sound like a climber or explorer of some sort. The gym programme is going well though, aching a fair bit but still enjoying it! My weight has been going up slightly then back down but seem sto have settled at 14 so hopefully I will be going abck on a downward slope soon...

Friday, 28 March 2008

Butterball - Day 37

4lb loss this week which i am obviously very happy for. I have upped my calorie intake slightly on gym days as well as I felt it was too low considering I am now excercising properly. 4lbs and ACHING arms and legs. I want to go swimming tonight but fear I may drown with my weak little arms.

I have now also been alcohol and nicotine free for over a month. I will now reintroduce alcohol to my diet but only with meals I think and at a sensible level.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Butterball - a mix of things.

Just a few things before my update tomorrow. I started the gym this week and so far I am really enjoying it. I must admit that I was terrified before I went in, the illogical voice at the back of my head was telling me that everyone was going to laugh at the fat, unfit man falling off the treadmill or starting in horror at the weights.

My instructor who is doing my induction was super nice and went through everything with me and has created 2 programmes that looks fun, manageable and still challenging. A pure cardio workout and a mixed cardio/weights. I was even fitter than I thought and my BMI was much lower in reality than the simple height/weight ration makes out.

My initial plan is to go on a Tuesday and do Cardio and Thursday and do Circuit with some swimming and classes if I want. Then after a few weeks move that to cardio Mon, Circuit Wed and one of them again on a Friday combined with some swimming if I fancy it. I shall see how it pans out.

Gym talk is DULL, here have some pictures of vintage ads aimed at fatties...

I love the use of terminology in that one. Can you imagine the fuss if someone opened a shop for chubbies in this day and age?

Um, NOT a way in which I would choose to lose weight myself, surely a drastic measure? But is it worse than a gastric bypass??

Both images from one of my favourite sites Neatorama.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Turkey Update

Well I was ecstatic on the 10th March my last update that I had lost 1 whole stone. I went away on holiday that day for 5 days so was eating out every evening. I limited what I ate in the day and the first evening we were away I chose a warm bacon and chicken salad in Wetherspoons which was a 150gms weight. I was flabbergasted when I logged on later to find it had 688 calories!!!! Even though I tried daily to stick within my calories last week was a 3 lb increase. This week I have managed a 1lb loss.
So my total weight loss is only 12lbs now
I feel really disappointed and am struggling atm to keep to my diet. This cold weather makes me want to eat warming comfort food.
But I am trying to keep on the straight and narrow this week

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Butterball - DAY 30

Alack and Alas.

No change this week. Not slipped up on the diet at all, not even one tiny teeny Easter Egg, but no loss. Ah well, I was told to expect this so although dissapinted I will not lose heart.

The Gym starts Tuesday anyway so hopefully that will speed things up again.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Butterball - Day23

Now that is more sensible. A 3lb loss which is both a relief and a dissapointment. A relief because it is a normal amount to lose and means that I am now withing the healthy and sustainable loss range. Dissapointed because well, who wouldn't want to lose 6lb a week!

This also brings me up to my 1 stone lost marker. Only 3 and a bit to go now !! I can't believe I need to lose a 1/4 of my starting body weight to be healthy.

ON the plus side I am starting to enjoy the little excercise I am doing now. (20 mins of Yoga an eve, 20 mins on the rowing machine, 40 sit-ups, 40 push ups) and will be joining a gym after payday.

Still no cigarettes!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Butterball - Day 16

Well this is more like it. 6lbs this week, it is inching down again and soon I imagine I will be at the 1-3lb a week rate. Although I would love to continue losing at a higher rate it just isn't healthy. Oooh and I am even thinking of joining a Gym! Still no fags ;)

Things they do NOT tell you about diets #1

Diet farts. This ingenious renewable natural resource is a side effect of changing ones diet drastically and suddenly digesting as much green food in a day as a cow does in an average week. A distinctly farmyard like air to it, this plentiful and antisocial gas if harnesses by mankind could surely solve all our energy problems.

Yes people I have discovered diet farts. I am sure Turkey is too ladylike to post this or even agree with me but oh MAN I can barely stand to be around myself at the moment. Is this usual? Does it go away?

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Turkeys Weigh In 3/3/2008

It's been a hard week , time of the month coupled with Mother's Day led to water retention and at one point weighing 6 pounds heavier. I felt so despondant. Anyway yesterday's weigh in gave me a loss of 1 pound that is despite having a Spicy Italian Subway on Sunday , yes I know naughty but the one good thing about WLR is that you can eat what you want as long as you chart it

I'm back on the calorie control with a vengeance though and yesterday didn't even eat my calorie allowance , I really wasn't hungry in the evening.

I hope that by next Monday I will have made up for the PMT and water retention

What do I eat in a typical day? My weakness is Nescafe Choca Mocha, so I start the day with this followed by cereal for lunch (a Kellogs Variety Pack so I don't have to bother weighing) with Lactofree Milk and maybe a rice cake or 2 with cottage cheese. Mid afternoon I have another Choca Mocha and my evening meal consists of a Weightwatchers Frozen ready meal with a pile of salad. This leaves me enough calories in the evening for a few snacks, usually ending with another bowl of cereal before bed.

I do find my diet is very low in fat but this is not something I try to do it's just the way I am used to eating. I never ever reach my daily fat allowance on the WLR guide

Friday, 29 February 2008

Butterball - DAY 9

Well it is day nine today and It is weigh in day. I have lost 8lbs this week. HOLY CRAP! I go to the nurse at my local dr's as part of a smoking cessation programme and she has agreed to monitor my weight as well and she was really surprised but very happy. I double checked on my super duper new scales when I got home and it indeed concurred,

How is it possible to lose 1/2 a stone in one week? I think it is probably jut going from a very fatty diet to a very healthy one and combining that with exercise but it just seems such a huge amount? The nurse checked what I am eating and agreed it is healthy so I am not concerned about that large a loss (I am secretly very chuffed) but I also know it should settle down to a reasonable 2lb a week loss.

Phew! Oh yes and it has now been nine days since I last had a cigarette!

Now, please point out to me how smug I a being when I have my first gain.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Butterball comes bouncing back..

Hey y'all. Butterball here. I am the male half of this dubious internet pairing. I am 5'7" as well (hah Turkey, you are as short as me!) and I currently weigh in at 15 1/2 stone or 219.8 pounds or 99.69 Kilos. I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

I have just started using Weightloss Resources and my first weigh in will be this friday! I don't seem to be able to do things by halves so also quit smoking at the same time as starting the diet. Today is DAY 6. I know a lot of people recommend not doing the two at once but personally I have found that the diet and calorie counting has helped me a great deal in giving me something to focus on and obsess over instead of filthy nicotine!

I have high blood pressure through a dodgy genetic condition inherited from my mum (thanks for that mum) and also need to lose weight to help alleviate some back problems I have from slipping a disc last year. I would call myself stocky, my doctor calls me fat. Whatever! I just want to be healthy.

Goal 11st 7lb (but I would be happy with 12)

All About Turkey

Hello my name is Turkey and I'm the gal part of this dynamic duo. I am older than you would care to know , heavier than perhaps I would like to share. I am currently dieting with weightlossresources which is were my friend Butterball is also. Myself and Butterball have never met only in the cyberworld but we are giving each other support to lose weight

I also have an ongoing medical condition which means I can't exercise and I'm very much a couch potato, even walking at times can be a problem. Although I must admit that since I have been eating more healthily I do feel better physically

I am 5'7 and am currently allowed 1100 calories a day and am now on the 5th week of this diet. Although really it isn't like a diet as you can eat whatever you like as long as you log it into your calorie counter and stick within your regime.

My starting weight on the 28th January was 14st 6 lbs (202 lbs ) and myweigh in day is Monday. Yestaerday I weighed 13stone 12lbs (194lbs) I aim to get down to 11stone 7lbs (161lbs) so another 33lbs to go

Welcome to the blog

Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking, ANOTHER diet blog. Yawn, how dull. I agree completely, no really I do. But what makes this blog a little different is that it is written by two different people. One guy and one girl. One clueless and one not. What they both have in common is differing health needs and a desire to lose weight. Oh and get washboard abs.

Let them introduce themselves....