Thursday, 27 March 2008

Butterball - a mix of things.

Just a few things before my update tomorrow. I started the gym this week and so far I am really enjoying it. I must admit that I was terrified before I went in, the illogical voice at the back of my head was telling me that everyone was going to laugh at the fat, unfit man falling off the treadmill or starting in horror at the weights.

My instructor who is doing my induction was super nice and went through everything with me and has created 2 programmes that looks fun, manageable and still challenging. A pure cardio workout and a mixed cardio/weights. I was even fitter than I thought and my BMI was much lower in reality than the simple height/weight ration makes out.

My initial plan is to go on a Tuesday and do Cardio and Thursday and do Circuit with some swimming and classes if I want. Then after a few weeks move that to cardio Mon, Circuit Wed and one of them again on a Friday combined with some swimming if I fancy it. I shall see how it pans out.

Gym talk is DULL, here have some pictures of vintage ads aimed at fatties...

I love the use of terminology in that one. Can you imagine the fuss if someone opened a shop for chubbies in this day and age?

Um, NOT a way in which I would choose to lose weight myself, surely a drastic measure? But is it worse than a gastric bypass??

Both images from one of my favourite sites Neatorama.

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