Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Turkeys Weigh In 3/3/2008

It's been a hard week , time of the month coupled with Mother's Day led to water retention and at one point weighing 6 pounds heavier. I felt so despondant. Anyway yesterday's weigh in gave me a loss of 1 pound that is despite having a Spicy Italian Subway on Sunday , yes I know naughty but the one good thing about WLR is that you can eat what you want as long as you chart it

I'm back on the calorie control with a vengeance though and yesterday didn't even eat my calorie allowance , I really wasn't hungry in the evening.

I hope that by next Monday I will have made up for the PMT and water retention

What do I eat in a typical day? My weakness is Nescafe Choca Mocha, so I start the day with this followed by cereal for lunch (a Kellogs Variety Pack so I don't have to bother weighing) with Lactofree Milk and maybe a rice cake or 2 with cottage cheese. Mid afternoon I have another Choca Mocha and my evening meal consists of a Weightwatchers Frozen ready meal with a pile of salad. This leaves me enough calories in the evening for a few snacks, usually ending with another bowl of cereal before bed.

I do find my diet is very low in fat but this is not something I try to do it's just the way I am used to eating. I never ever reach my daily fat allowance on the WLR guide

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