Friday, 29 February 2008

Butterball - DAY 9

Well it is day nine today and It is weigh in day. I have lost 8lbs this week. HOLY CRAP! I go to the nurse at my local dr's as part of a smoking cessation programme and she has agreed to monitor my weight as well and she was really surprised but very happy. I double checked on my super duper new scales when I got home and it indeed concurred,

How is it possible to lose 1/2 a stone in one week? I think it is probably jut going from a very fatty diet to a very healthy one and combining that with exercise but it just seems such a huge amount? The nurse checked what I am eating and agreed it is healthy so I am not concerned about that large a loss (I am secretly very chuffed) but I also know it should settle down to a reasonable 2lb a week loss.

Phew! Oh yes and it has now been nine days since I last had a cigarette!

Now, please point out to me how smug I a being when I have my first gain.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Butterball comes bouncing back..

Hey y'all. Butterball here. I am the male half of this dubious internet pairing. I am 5'7" as well (hah Turkey, you are as short as me!) and I currently weigh in at 15 1/2 stone or 219.8 pounds or 99.69 Kilos. I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

I have just started using Weightloss Resources and my first weigh in will be this friday! I don't seem to be able to do things by halves so also quit smoking at the same time as starting the diet. Today is DAY 6. I know a lot of people recommend not doing the two at once but personally I have found that the diet and calorie counting has helped me a great deal in giving me something to focus on and obsess over instead of filthy nicotine!

I have high blood pressure through a dodgy genetic condition inherited from my mum (thanks for that mum) and also need to lose weight to help alleviate some back problems I have from slipping a disc last year. I would call myself stocky, my doctor calls me fat. Whatever! I just want to be healthy.

Goal 11st 7lb (but I would be happy with 12)

All About Turkey

Hello my name is Turkey and I'm the gal part of this dynamic duo. I am older than you would care to know , heavier than perhaps I would like to share. I am currently dieting with weightlossresources which is were my friend Butterball is also. Myself and Butterball have never met only in the cyberworld but we are giving each other support to lose weight

I also have an ongoing medical condition which means I can't exercise and I'm very much a couch potato, even walking at times can be a problem. Although I must admit that since I have been eating more healthily I do feel better physically

I am 5'7 and am currently allowed 1100 calories a day and am now on the 5th week of this diet. Although really it isn't like a diet as you can eat whatever you like as long as you log it into your calorie counter and stick within your regime.

My starting weight on the 28th January was 14st 6 lbs (202 lbs ) and myweigh in day is Monday. Yestaerday I weighed 13stone 12lbs (194lbs) I aim to get down to 11stone 7lbs (161lbs) so another 33lbs to go

Welcome to the blog

Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking, ANOTHER diet blog. Yawn, how dull. I agree completely, no really I do. But what makes this blog a little different is that it is written by two different people. One guy and one girl. One clueless and one not. What they both have in common is differing health needs and a desire to lose weight. Oh and get washboard abs.

Let them introduce themselves....