Friday, 29 February 2008

Butterball - DAY 9

Well it is day nine today and It is weigh in day. I have lost 8lbs this week. HOLY CRAP! I go to the nurse at my local dr's as part of a smoking cessation programme and she has agreed to monitor my weight as well and she was really surprised but very happy. I double checked on my super duper new scales when I got home and it indeed concurred,

How is it possible to lose 1/2 a stone in one week? I think it is probably jut going from a very fatty diet to a very healthy one and combining that with exercise but it just seems such a huge amount? The nurse checked what I am eating and agreed it is healthy so I am not concerned about that large a loss (I am secretly very chuffed) but I also know it should settle down to a reasonable 2lb a week loss.

Phew! Oh yes and it has now been nine days since I last had a cigarette!

Now, please point out to me how smug I a being when I have my first gain.

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