Friday, 14 March 2008

Butterball - Day23

Now that is more sensible. A 3lb loss which is both a relief and a dissapointment. A relief because it is a normal amount to lose and means that I am now withing the healthy and sustainable loss range. Dissapointed because well, who wouldn't want to lose 6lb a week!

This also brings me up to my 1 stone lost marker. Only 3 and a bit to go now !! I can't believe I need to lose a 1/4 of my starting body weight to be healthy.

ON the plus side I am starting to enjoy the little excercise I am doing now. (20 mins of Yoga an eve, 20 mins on the rowing machine, 40 sit-ups, 40 push ups) and will be joining a gym after payday.

Still no cigarettes!

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