Friday, 7 March 2008

Butterball - Day 16

Well this is more like it. 6lbs this week, it is inching down again and soon I imagine I will be at the 1-3lb a week rate. Although I would love to continue losing at a higher rate it just isn't healthy. Oooh and I am even thinking of joining a Gym! Still no fags ;)

Things they do NOT tell you about diets #1

Diet farts. This ingenious renewable natural resource is a side effect of changing ones diet drastically and suddenly digesting as much green food in a day as a cow does in an average week. A distinctly farmyard like air to it, this plentiful and antisocial gas if harnesses by mankind could surely solve all our energy problems.

Yes people I have discovered diet farts. I am sure Turkey is too ladylike to post this or even agree with me but oh MAN I can barely stand to be around myself at the moment. Is this usual? Does it go away?

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